ECE Research uses several computational tools. Besides many free software available, below are the list of licensed software that ECE Research uses.
We deeply appreciate the leading software companies below for collaborating / supporting us.

Some products of the Schrödinger's Small-Molecule Drug Discovery Suite:

Wavefun partan 2024


AutoQSAR MacroModel
Canvas Maestro
CombiGlide MOPAC2012
ConfGen OPLS3
Core Hopping Phase
CovDock PLDB
Desmond Prime
e-Pharmacophores PrimeX
Epik Protein Preparation Wizard
FEP+ QikProp
Field-Based QSAR QM-Polarized Docking
Glide QSite
Induced Fit SARvision | SM
Jaguar SiteMap
KNIME Extensions Shape Screening
LigPrep WaterMap

Our computers are being protected by one of the leading antivirus companies in the world:

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